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3 wins and 1 vice championship at German RMC finals

TOM – TECH Haase Team demonstrated giant superiority ending up in absolute superb performance during 5th and final race of German RMC at Hahn race track. The Team dominated in 3 different classes, catching the win at the end. In addition to that, the day ended with an excellent vice championship in class.

Tobias Holzhaeuser did demonstrate what can be bejond the limits in Rotax Max Senior World Class, reaching 49,5 seconds for pole position in qualifying. Both, prefinale and finale he could win in complete control from start to finish.

Michaela Engelhard finally reached P5 and this would not have been the end in case the race would have lasted a bit longer. Getting to the end of the final she decreased distance to P4 in giant steps.

Sebastian Michels started on his new Haase Kart for the first time. He gave himself and the team a great reward by reaching P7. This was his personal best result in 2009 season.

Kevin Hamann entered the first time at all a Rotax DD2 Kart on saturday and started in DD2 Class on sunday. He won immediately the pole position! Right after the start of prefinal there was a quite unfair maneuver by second place driver (the local hero). After that Kevin headed from P11 forth to P2 at the end. In the final he did not miss a thing and headed for the win.

Alexander Moehring could nearly always catch the fastest race laps in the past four races in DD2 World but was some kind of unlucky during the year. Therefore he was gaining to reach a top outcome for the end of the season. Alexander won in style the prefinal as well as the final race.

Maximilian Dittrich ensured German Rotax Max Junior Cup vice-championship 2009! He came to Hahn in order to defend his lead in points as vice-champ. It was important for him to run a tactical race in order to protect his position in championship. But things went wrong this day. In qualifying he had to face a broken driving chain in 2nd round, resulting in last place position in prefinale. Running a good race he ended up in midfield in this first race. In final race being already at P10 a heavy accident in the rear field followed by abandon and cancellation of the race stopped all further efforts. Finally Max had sufficcient points to step on podium for second place and receive the team members congratulations to German Vive-Champion the same evening.

Thomas Jarzyk, Team Manager TOM-TECH stated: “Pilots and mechanics of the team did a super job and benefited all experiences gaind during the year with Haase. I am very pleased, that we could set such a highlight at the end of the season. It is a reward for our team partners like Haase, IFT, Stone, Maxjet, Memotec und HAT. We are already in planning phase for 2010 even if the year has not ended yet. Pilots who are interested to race for our TOM-Tech Haase manufacturing team are invited to contact us now!”

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