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Bad luck for Haase drivers at the second round of the Rotax Euro Challenge held at Prokart Raceland circuit in Wackersdorf where the weather played a very significant role in the results, but failed to affect the spirit of the highly competitive racing.

In the DD2 class, Huibers (Belgium)is second on the pre-final grid and, immediately after the start, takes the lead and keeps it the whole race but, with one lap to go, rain starts falling making the track wet and Huibers goes out in a corner loosing positions and ending the race 10th.
The final is on a very wet track and the rain soon becomes heavier and heavier. Huibers, with a fantastic start, within a few laps moved up from 10th to 3rd place but the battle for 2nd position, with the rain making conditions more difficult, failed and Huibers ran wide sliding off the circuit without being able to restart.

In Rotax Junior, a good time trial, a good heat and the best time on saturday morning warm-up was not enough for Mikkel B. Johnsen to enter the final due to race accidents in other heats. He started on pole in the second chance race but something was wrong in his chassis setting and could't keep his position ending only 7th, with no chance to enter the final.

In Rotax Max Senior Kris Haase did his first race and, with no experience in this class, he managed to enter the final in 25th position.
In the opening lap of the prefinal a number of karts became caught up on the first two corners also seeing Haase out from lap one.
The final saw drivers starting on wet tyres and drivers starting on slick tyres; as the circuit was drying up and the sun was shining Haase, on wet tyres, after a good start suffered the changing track conditions. In the middle of the race, once again, the weather changed and heavy rain started to fall making conditions more difficult. Haase regained some positions to finish 24th.

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