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The three-round calendar of the second edition of the CIK-FIA U18 World Championship and Academy Trophy includes a final in Bahrain.
It will be a big first as there has never been a CIK-FIA Championship, especially of world status, held in a Middle Eastern country. Bahrain thus confirms its leadership regarding major competitions as it was also the first in that region to organise a Formula One Grand Prix (2004).

In their policy aimed at developing Motorsport, the Bahrain Motor Federation (the BMF, Bahrains ASN) and the Bahrain International Circuit (the BIC, which manages the exploitation of the automobile circuit) logically undertook to build a Karting track of international level within the very Formula One track complex located 30 km to the south of the capital, Manama. The work started several months ago has been finalised and has resulted in an ultramodern circuit with a 1,414 m long track which comprises a varied and hilly course also providing large run-off areas, as well as complete and spacious infrastructures. Some karts
were able to start running on the track a few days ago.

Next November, from Thursday 3 to Saturday 5, the Bahrain International Kart Circuit will be the venue of the last round of the CIK-FIA U18 World Championship and Academy Trophy. Before this final to be held in the
Middle East, competitors will have performed on another brand-new track, at Ortona, in the Italian Abruzzi (10 July), and at Essay, in Normandy, France (28 August).

To match this competition to the cost reduction principles dear to the U18 World Championship(where every Driver is provided with free engines and tyres, in addition to the
measures introduced to freeze the evolution of karts during the season), the Bahraini organisation committee will take care of transport costs for the equipment and of the accommodation of all the U18 World Championship Drivers, as well as of the 51 Academy Trophy Drivers. Immediately after the second round, to be held in France, competitors will be invited to load their equipment into containers which will be shipped to Bahrain.

It will be a great honour for Bahrain, the CIK and the FIA to see the World Karting Championship and Academy Trophy visit for the first time the Middle East region, explained Sheikh Abdulla bin Isa Al Khalifa, President of both the BMF and the CIK-FIA. It has been possible to finalise work on the circuit according to schedule. The BMF and the BIC are determined to take steps guaranteeing that this major competition enjoys great success and is also a conveyor of promotion for Karting throughout the Middle East region, which has a huge development potential as regards motor sports.
The region has already shown manifest interest for the U18 World Championship and Academy Trophy: we are expecting to see several Middle Eastern Drivers enter them, which will be yet another first for this meeting and bears
witness to the justification of the CIK-FIAs efforts expended to these two groundbreaking competitions aimed at young people and in which there is a determination to curb costs and promote the practice of Karting on a large scale.
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