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The chassis makes entered in the first edition of the CIK-FIA «U18» World Championship are known.

The choice of equipment proposed to 15 to 18 years old Drivers will comprise 13 makes, namely, in alphabetic order: Energy (Italy), Haase (Italy), Intrepid (Italy), Jesolo (Italy), Mach 1 (Germany), Maranello (Italy), MS Kart (Czech Republic), M-Tec (Germany), Parolin (Italy), PCR (Italy), Righetti Ridolfi (Italy), Sodi (France) and Tecno (Italy).

The make used by the Driver who will be the final winner will be awarded the official title of CIK-FIA Karting Make World Champion.

«The interest show by all these chassis makes for the new «U18» World Championship is very positive, explained Nicolas Deschaux, President of the CIK-FIA.
It is a very encouraging sign after the one already shown at the time of the tenders issued for the designation of single-suppliers of engines and tyres.
Thanks to Parolin and Dunlop, the Drivers who will compete in this World Championship will receive their racing engines and tyres free of charge.
The range of chassis available is appealing since it includes as many makes with an eloquent list of results as small or medium size makes.
This «U18» World Championship, created in order to give their chance to young Drivers within the framework of a very high-level competition financially quite affordable, is also designed to be a competition aimed at involving and promoting small or major chassis Manufacturers.»

The Championship regulations prescribe limitations to the development of equipment. By entering, the makes accept submission to the marking by the CIK-FIA of 20 homologated chassis as a minimum (without front brakes) and of a list of spare components such as rear axles, rims, hubs, spindles and stabilisers. It is these identified strictly identical chassis and parts that the CIK-FIA Officials will use to proceed to the distribution of equipment to Drivers by drawing lots.

Although this will indeed imply that Drivers shall have to invest in a new chassis at the beginning of the first event (on 25 July at Wackersdorf in Germany), it will also guarantee that every participant disposes of a «standard» chassis.

Only equipment bearing the marking of the Federation will be eligible. This ground-breaking system will make it possible to increase equal opportunities and to control costs efficiently thanks to the limitation of component variants and to a freeze of evolutions.

Drivers will be able to enter from 1st April 2010 (via www.cikfia.com) and they will be invited to choose amongst the 13 makes entered in the Championship the chassis make with which they wish to compete.

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